December 2, 2011 in Urban Exploration

Yeadon Anti-Aircraft Defences

The remains of the Royal Artillery's 644th Heavy Anti-Aircraft Battery Regiment are in a farmer's field near East Carlton atop Otley Chevin, in Wharfedale. The images show various views of a control bunker and four concrete emplacements (arranged in a semicircle around a central control bunker) which held the 3.7" Bofors guns charged with the defence of the AVRO aircraft factory near Leeds Bradford Airport (formerly Yeadon Aerodrome). The stubs of the metal bolts which held the heavy gun in place are still visible in the concrete, now marked by little tufts of grass.

The BBC published a series of people's memories of World War II - amongst them can be found the stories of Anthony Hodgetts, who grew up near this spot, and Beatrice Lee, who was in active service here for a time with the 644th HAA Battery.

Google has some aerial imagery of the location which can be viewed here. For more pictures of the locality, check out my set of Otley photographs.

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