September 15, 2013 in Video

LeedsLapse: three months in two minutes

LeedsLapse: three months in two minutes from Tom Blackwell on Vimeo.

The last year has been so busy that I've hardly had any spare time to post my images online! When I'm contracted to cover a professional photoshoot it gets processed quickly but a lot of my casual material never makes it onto the internet. Hence this experimental video is a lazy (but creative) attempt at mashing several thousand individual images into a quick-fire montage, to give you a flavour of Leeds in recent months...

Technical detail: this sequence was shot on a Canon 7D using various lenses (mostly a a prime EF 35mm f/1.4L USM). About six or seven seperate sessions worth of photography were imported into Adobe After Effects as consecutive 'multiple file sequences', interpreted at a framerate of 25fps. Post production cuts and soundtrack edits were produced with Adobe Premiere, and have been time-remapped at various parts of the sequence in order to match up better with the music.

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