October 6, 2013 in Video

LeedsLapse Part II: City Flythrough

LeedsLapse Part II: City Flythrough from Tom Blackwell on Vimeo.

Click here to see the original 'Leedslapse', which is a variation on the theme...

This video is the experimental result of a GoPro Hero3 recording test. After purchasing a memory card from a shop in the centre of Leeds, I held the camera loosely in one hand and took a walk through the city.

The footage was sped up by 2500% (from a source framerate equating to 25fps) then rendered and output through a Stabiliser process in Adobe Premiere; which tries to smooth out the motion between video frames. Usually this effect is masked or cropped, but I thought that it was quite fun to see how the computer can cleverly pick out features in a scene and make adjustments to line everything up. This forced stabilisation became the most striking element of the composition.

Gonna get some very fun results out of this camera in the coming months!

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