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Angels of The North: Cover Graphic

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A photography portfolio by TJ Blackwell

This book illustrates industrial abandonment in northern England. It is currently available to purchase as an eBook. Every sale will go towards funding a print run of limited edition hardback copies (as seen above), which will be made available at discount to everyone who buys a digital version! » CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE A DIGITAL COPY FOR YOUR IPAD, IPHONE & OTHER APPLE DEVICES: ONLY £4.99!

"Urbex" is the examination of normally unseen or off-limits parts of urban areas or industrial facilities. Many of these abandoned sites are destined to be torn down or renovated into sterile new commercial properties - in such cases, a photographic record can serve as a building’s last witness.

The activity gives you a sense of the brief and transient nature of each generation's time on this earth and the fading marks of forgotten heritage which they leave behind. Northern England has a particularly rich architectural heritage - I have been privileged (and perhaps intrepid) enough to have documented some of these gems before they disappear forever. These buildings are part of our story. They played host to thousands of peoples' working lives. And they deserve recognition, before the wrecking balls of modern construction crews move in to redevelop and seal their fate. Locations found in this book include...

  1. Dalton Mills
  2. High Royds Asylum
  3. Imperial Works
  4. York Barracks
  5. Holbeck Viaduct
  6. Prospect Tunnel
  7. Thorpe Marsh Power Station
  8. Middleton Sanatorium
  9. Dob Park Lodge
  10. Chelker Reservoir
  11. Thruscross Reservoir
  12. Eastmoor Reformatory
  13. ROC Nuclear Bunker
  14. Cannon Brewery
  15. Miscellaneous Manchester
  16. Lobb Ghyll Viaduct
  17. Yarnbury Mine
  18. 644th Anti-Aircraft Battery
  19. Plumpton Rocks

If you would like to pay full retail price for a hardback copy of the book, I am very happy to produce editions upon request. Just get in touch with me via the Contact page, and ask about Angels of The North. The ebook version is currently available at a price of £4.99 for iPads via the Apple book store, but I also have a PDF copy (accessible on any device) that is available to those who want it. Thanks for your interest!

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