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A Bit About Me

N.B. This website is a general overview of my visual portfolio. If you have seen one of my shots online and would like to buy prints or purchase commercial licensing rights for advertising, business or other usage, please feel free to contact me to negotiate a price. I find that photography opens your eyes to aesthetics and shows you beauty in the minutia of everyday life. It's such a diverse art form, with so many different traditions and styles, that it can be immensely rewarding to explore the various techniques of creating beautiful images. My day job is in Administration for NHS England.  This means that much of my recent professional photography work has been healthcare related. Clients include Clinical Commissioning Groups, Local Authorities and national advocacy organisations such as NAVCA (focusing on partnership work between the and NHS, Voluntary Sector and Social Enterprises). For recent examples of my NHS freelance contracts, have a look at the following accounts: My first passion was photographing the natural world - there's nothing more breathtaking than the awesome visual power of a sunrise or wild untamed countryside vistas. I am also deeply intrigued by Urban Exploration: the act of documenting abandoned and decaying locations, creating a photographic record that can serve as a building’s last witness. In more recent times I have expanded into portraiture and people photography, which brings a refreshing set of new challenges. I like to think that I have a friendly attitude which helps people to feel comfortable in front of the camera, and find it rewarding to capture natural expressions rather than forced smiles and overly-posed subjects. One of the best things about professional photography is the diversity of people and locations that you get to experience. My highlight of 2012 was visiting Kurdistan to try my hand at portraiture in the mountain ranges of northern Iraq. Back home in England, I have covered many weddings - including western and Pakistani families - which provide a wonderful opportunity to compare and contrast the cultural marriage traditions of the east and west from behind the camera lens. Another part of my contract work comes from filming and editing video footage of live music events and club nights to be used by promoters as advertising for future events. Photography has also brought me into contact with a lot of new friends, primarily via the photo sharing website Flickr. (You can view my account here.) Feel free to contact me if you're looking for a few tips on special scenic spots to visit or have any questions about the work featured on this site.