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Welcome to The Meandering Creations of TJ Blackwell
Photography & Video
To see all of my Urban Exploration projects in full detail, please visit them over here on Flickr, or alternatively see a slideshow of highlights on this website page. Hello World! My name's Tom and I have a passion for photography. My experience covers a range of styles; including weddings, live events, performances, portraiture, landscapes and much more. On this website you'll find a large archive of scenic shots and location photography of all shapes and sizes - these are available as prints upon request. Please get in touch with me if you see anything you would like to purchase and I'll be happy to arrange a quality copy at a reasonable price. It's a lot of fun being able to share my love of photography so I am thankful to the fellow enthusiasts at, a place which has been a very helpful source of encouragement and inspiration. Most of the pictures you'll see in the slideshows on my website are available in high resolution on Flickr. I hope that you'll enjoy browsing through the collection!